Saturday, November 24, 2007

Iowa State Capitol

View of the Iowa State Capitol at night,
looking East down Locust Street in Des Moines.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Little Boo sees snow for the First Time.

After arriving in Battle Creek, Rick and I rented a car and drove over to Des Moines, Iowa. My parents live there and he has a soon in a suburb. It took about 8 hours, but we made it. Gina drove up from St Louis and made it a little before us. We took the kids out Thursday morning in the snow and gave them sled rides down the driveway. They loved it!

Siegel-Robert's Last Flight of the Falcon

Rick and I flew the Falcon up to Battle Creek for a pre-buy on Wednesday. This will probably be our last flight in this airplane and our last flight for Siegel-Robert.

Out my hotel room window-Little Rock

The view out the Embassy Suites in Little Rock.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Doing a Jep revision for the last time

Here I am with the last Jep revision I'll ever have to do for the Falcon. I'm probably going to have to fly on Thanksgiving (Why should this holiday be any different from the rest???), but should end up at my parents house on Turkey Day. Gina and the kids are driving up the day before.

Debugging a Summer of Flight

Sky using bug remover to get the remnants of bugs from our Summer of Flight off the airplane. We managed to get most of the leading edges clean and even had a small fall shower wash off the wings for us. He gets to do the belly of the airplane next.

Babysitting the little girl

Gina had some errands to run and she wanted some time all to herself, since I had nothing going, I spent some quality time with my daughter. We went out and played on the swingset, went for a ride around the block in her wagon and cuddled up watching a video together.

The kind of birthday a boy should have.

Where he gets a surprise gift and it's what he wanted. Skyler turned 10, had about 4 celebrations and got a great gift from his mother and I. Here, he's opening a y-wing star wars fighter.

First Frost

The first frost came late this year. I got out their before it had melted and while I warmed up my car, shot a few pictures of the ice crystals.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Jim Harvey flew his Monocoupe 90 for me this Saturday.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Luke and Leia embrace the Dark Side...

and go Trick or Treating! We took our two munchkins out last night. Skyler had a great time, but it was Lindsay that surprised us most. She had it figured out after the third house. She ran (for her) from house to house and wouldn't hardly let us touch her candy bag, except to transfer some to another bag to make it lighter and easier for her to carry. We'll let her chose what she wants to go as next year.